“Earlier this summer, I was at a party with some friends. We were all drinking and I wasn’t going to drive myself home. A boy I had known for about a year offered to drive me back home. I said ‘yes’ not knowing where it would lead. If we’re being completely honest I wasn’t completely opposed to sex. But my ‘maybe’ turned into an obvious ‘no’ that night he walked me into the house. He took my clothes off and said said it wouldn’t hurt. He kept going and didn’t stop when I became unresponsive. He tried more than once and I just shut down. Over the next few days I did a lot of crying and a lot of trying to play it off. I blamed myself for being drunk. A few days after, I went to the hospital and I had a rape kit done. My best friend stayed with me the entire time. I was there for seven hours with so many questions, shots, pills and blood samples. I was terrified. I made the choice to not report because it was the best healing choice for me to not go through speaking about it and potentially having it drag on for an unknown amount of time. That was my choice and it needs to be respected. After this experience, I want to remind you that consent isn’t the absence of no, it’s an enthusiastic and ongoing yes. If someone is drunk, don’t force yourself on them.”
These stories were submitted anonymously.

Photo Courtesy: Katy Bernard

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