One of the first stories we’d like to share with you is from the current director of Casa De Las Mercedes:

“I’ve worked for the Casa de la Mercedes for 20 years now. My mother, Claudia, is the founder of the house, and though she’s my biological parent, everyone calls her “Mom”. It started as a home for young pregnant girls who lacked the resources and support necessary to help them through such a tough time. Now, we house girls who aren’t pregnant too, and help them get on their feet and learn how to work. These young women have been through so much. Assault, abuse, sex trafficking, domestic violence – you name it, and they’ve experienced it. So I’m here to make a positive change in their lives. My official role is the director of operations. I’m in charge of the social workers, psychologists, doctors, teachers, dentists, and medical specialists who assist these girls. I check on each individual girl to make sure that all her needs are met, and together with the other workers I teach them important values. It starts with the little things: showing them to brush their teeth, finish their meals, wash and reuse their clothing, and so on. And then it grows into the big things. Self-respect. Moral values. Responsibility. Empathy. Self-love. And this is hard, because Mexico has a predominantly male culture. Women are, for the most part, seen as objects that can be used and then thrown away. They are assaulted, abused, mutilated, murdered, or used for human trafficking. So it’s difficult to reverse centuries of this oppressive culture. But it starts from within. I’m teaching these women that they deserve the opportunity to be free. To take control of their destiny. To make their dreams a reality. And above all, the opportunity to love and be loved. It’s extremely difficult. But this is my purpose in my life, and it’s the reason why I’m here on this earth. And I wouldn’t change a thing.”


Mexico City has the highest rates of human trafficking in the world. We are raising money to to help the orphanage and women’s shelter at Casa De Las Mercedes to provide their girls a brighter future. This money will go to their education and help improve the girls living conditions — to help them learn, get back on their feet, and to become self-sustaining. This fundraiser will turn their lives around. Our goal is to reach $10,000 donations in the next week and it will take your help to get there. Please donate and share with anyone you think this story would resonate with. Even if it’s a small amount, please consider donating:

You never know what one small action can do to change someone’s life. Stay tuned for more updates and stories on the brave young women in Mexico City.

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Photo Courtesy: Daniel Villa